A curses debugger  v.b.0.6.6

CGDB is a curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB).

Rexx/Curses  v.32

Rexx/Curses is an interface to the curses library.


Magi  v.4 12

Choose one of ten different characters and start dueling your opponents in a battle of skill, tactics and wits. Summon mighty creatures to your aid and waste other mages with dreadful curses. -10 characters and over 50 spells to choose from!

Python UniCurses-1.1  v.3 1

UniCurses is a wrapper for Python 2.x/3.x that provides a unified set of Curses functions on all platforms (MS Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) with syntax close to that of the original NCurses.

The Secrets of Arcelia Island  v.

After getting shipwrecked in a storm, you wake up to discover you're alone on an island inhabited by strange creatures and plagued by four deadly curses.

Discord Times  v.1.3

This RPG strategy game features spells, magic, curses, weapons and strategic thinking as you try to reunite the kingdom,

Algol 68 Compiler, Interpreter & Runtime  v.2.1.2

Compiler, Interpreter & Runtime for UNESCO/IFIP's Algol68 revision 1; With: POSIX threads (Parallel& Multicore), plotutils, GSL (GNU scientific library), curses, sound, TCP sockets, RegEx & PostgreSQL; Algol68RS (UK Defens

Bibtool  v.1.7.1

Bibtool is a simple curses-based editor for BibTeX bibliography files, especially useful for those who have to maintain a large number of references for a major piece of documentation, like a PhD thesis.

Cmp3 with ogg  v.6

curses-based mp3 and ogg vorbis player for unix-like systems

CNibbles  v.2.0.1

cNibbles is a curses based version of the old nibbles game (also known as snake).

Deckard  v.3

Deckard is a simple, curses based, database front-end written in python.

Dovlog  v.0.1.4

Amateur radio curses based cross-platform logging program written in Python.

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